JV Equity

Joint Venture Equity

Bridgewater Capital Partners effectively matches clients with capital partners who have similar investment and operating goals and objectives. Through our extensive network and longstanding relationships with leading domestic and international institutional investors and family offices/private investors, Bridgewater Capital Partners can provide our clients with financing upwards of 97% of the capital stack. Projects are typically structured as a 90/10 equity contribution, and are evaluated on a case by case basis. Our broad range of services includes:

Bridgewater Capital Partners combines in-depth real estate knowledge and extensive private capital markets expertise with a tailored approach, a confidential and efficient marketing process, and an optimally negotiated transaction structure to maximize results for our clients for both stabilized and transitional transactions.

Our real-time asset and capital markets knowledge, and experience across all levels of the capital stack helps us develop deal-specific equity financing strategies that best meet our client’s objectives.